• Image of Christmas Budget Hamper
  • Image of Christmas Budget Hamper

Spoil yourself rotten this Christmas...
This magnificent deluxe, luxury hamper has the finest and 'healthiest' produce available and gathered together here for the first time.
Exclusively for GrandGrand.ie. Your beautiful hand picked basket has everything you'll need over the festive period to make your time with loved ones even more specials.
Your hamper includes:
....for dinner
1 litre of vegetable oil for your chips and that.
750ml of malt vinegar again for your chips and that.
1 Fray Bentos 'SMOOTH' Chicken & Mushroom dinner... for sharing!
1 jumbo jar of pickled eggs
Packet of marrowfat peas
Jar of spaghetti
Jar of pickled onions

....and for desert:
Packet of wafers
Chivers jelly
Lustre tinned peach slices
Lustre tinned Apricot halves
Lustre tinned pear halves
Lustre tinned mandarin oranges
6 'chocolate flavoured' rolls
6 'vanilla flavoured' rolls

....wine menu:
Bottle of Buckfast
6 cans of Dutch Gold

Calvita 'cheese'
10 slices of EasiSingles

Jar of instant coffee granules

...and for the little ones:
28 nappies

All of this lovingly arranged on a bed of shredded bills in a supermarket basket.
Happy Christmas... to each and everyone!


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